We have just released our Spring/Summer 2017 Limited Edition Notebooks featuring colourful Woven Cloth fabrics. Following the current catwalk colours we have carefully selected a range of colours that will put a spring into anyone’s step!

It is always great fun choosing the colour ways, involving the whole team – lots of debate! As we add a contrasting bookmark ribbon and elastic closure there are huge combinations available to us. Once colours are chosen we make full samples to check that everything works well together. We then approve these samples and move into photography and production – all in house! This the beauty of hand bookbinding – we have the flexibility to work with small batches and many differing combinations. Although sometimes it does get difficult keeping track of all items – a good database is needed!

These colours will be changed at the end of the season when we bring in the Autumn/Winter range.

Celebrate Spring by choosing your perfect Spring/Summer Limited Edition Woven Cloth Notebook