Personalised Notebooks & Journals


Personalised Notebooks

Pearl White Lizard Notebook with embossed 'Wedding Notes'

Personalised notebooks from The Stamford Notebook Company make perfect and unique gifts for someone who shares in the passion for notebooks and journals. Adding initials for a minimal cost to your own notebook makes it so much more personal.


Up to 4 initials can be embossed in a choice of 3 colours, gold, silver or bronze, or without colour (blind embossed). We can position them on any part of the front cover.
The cost of up to four initials is £5 per notebook.

Longer Lines!

We can also add longer lines of text for a minimal cost – up to 20 characters £10; up to 30 characters £15.

Please specify the embossing with your notebook order in the shop.
If you have any specific requirements regarding embossing do please contact us – we endeavour to help.


Gold embossing on Red Soft Touch

Gold Embossing

Silver embossing on Black Recycled Leather

Silver Embossing

Bronze embossing on White Buckram

Bronze Embossing

Blind Embossing

Blind Embossing

We use traditional letterpress type to add initials to personalised notebooks. Some materials require different methods of embossing – leather is going to be different from cloth, which is different from our soft touch material. Most of the time we use a hot foil method which is much quicker than gilded lettering which uses gold leaf. Occasionally we do need to use the skills!

Embossing Notebook Cover

Our traditional hot foil blocking machine. John T Marshall, Series One. Age unknown (but it’s old!).

Our modern hot foil blocking machine.

brass type

Brass Type